Mike and Lynn

Mike and Lynn

Mike and Lynn Vickers, as well as “Brew,” the Vickers’ Keeshond dog, met with trouble from Hurricane Irma, which did quite a bit of damage to their roof.

It was difficult to get a roofer immediately after the hurricane because of the tremendous overload from calls. Luckily, they had some extra shingles they could put on to temporarily stop any more damage.

The Vickers had many roofers come by and offer their services, however, they also remembered having Bill Jones Roofing replace their roof in 2004 when Hurricane Charlie came through town. In 2004 they purchased a new shingle roof for $6,640 that had a 5 year warranty.

Now, 15 years later, the roof had worked well long after the warranty. However, they were told if they didn’t get the roof repaired properly, the insurance company might not cover damages the next year.

Remembering the good service that was provided 15 years ago, they looked and found that Bill Jones Roofing was still in business and made the call.

The Vickers were advised that if they replaced their roof with shingles, there would be a delay, because of the long delays in getting supplies. When offered a quicker solution, as well as a longer term solution of a metal roof, they took the opportunity to improve their home with the better quality metal roof.

They made the decision to use Bill Jones Roofing and they were glad they did.

“Kim and Vanessa (Office Manager and Office Assistant) were so nice, professional, and helpful every time we called,” mentioned Lynn Vickers about her experience.

In addition, Lynn mentioned “They were always concerned about the deliver of material, about the grass on the yard, and they always cleaned up when they worked. They were so accessible anytime I had any questions, and reached out to make sure I was happy. I would definitely use them again.”